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ORION is a professional debt collector in Kuala Lumpur, which provides top notch service in debt recovery for your company. We apply simple, gentle but firm collection methods which bring you the following benefits:

Customized Payment Method

We provide customized debt payment method for your customers based on their credit and payment history

One-time Debt Collection

By collecting the debt from your customers in a one-time basis, they can reduce their burden and you can get your receivables, a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Company's Growth

We protect your company’s reputation and provide an affordable service that helps to enhance your company’s cash flow.
  • It has been a pleasant experience to get your help. Your industry doesn't enjoy the greatest reputation, but every single individual that I interacted with was helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Your customer service should serve as the model for the industry.
    - Kenny Chua
  • Please accept this acknowledgement of Orion’s professionalism in all areas of the collection recovery business. I highly recommend Simon’s for their reliability and ‘personal touch’ service. It is a distinct pleasure to work with all of the Orion’s staff.
    - Tom Johnson
  • I love the fact that each time when I have any enquiry, Orion is always professional in providing assistance. It is a very pleasant experience! Thank you for all that you have done for us – we appreciate it.
    - Joanna Low
  • I do a full year to year comparison every January and I don’t have to look through all the files at all – Orion helped us to improve our debt collection and the results are proven from the figures, exactly when we turned our collection over to Orion.
    - Alexander Wong

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