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First Party Reminder

ORION is one of the very few licensed debt collector in Malaysia who implements First Party Reminder. It is a professional solution for accounts receivable management which we help you to deliver a friendly reminder to your customers.

We understand that your customers might forget to pay their bills and you might have too many errands to run.

By sending them a gentle but firm reminder, it will help them to remember the debt amount and deadline while you focus on your core business activities. Through this simple yet effective practice, you will get your paid faster, minimizing the risk of defaulting invoices and maintaining a strong customer relationship.

This is a crucial step to make sure your cash flow is always sufficient to keep your business going.

Rest assured that ORION always abide to the fair debt collection practice act of Malaysia, let us take care of your debt collection and allow us to be your preferred partner in enhancing your company’s debt recovery process.

Company's Reputation Control

We understand that the importance of keeping a healthy business relationship as it is a vital factor to a sustainable business growth. During the process of debt collection, even the smallest mistake might affect the solid business rapport you built all these years.

Our amicable debt collection service is a legal debt recovery process that not only help you to retain the confident with your customers by providing non-argumentative solutions to repay their debt, but also help you to collect the debt that you are not able to collect all this while.

We believe you should be concentrating on what you do best, which is expanding your business sustainably.

By managing late payments strictly, diligently and fairly, ORION helps you to get paid faster and bring down your company’s outstanding credit. That leaves you to focus on what you do best – growing your business. We are the only licensed debt recovery agency in Malaysia that you can always trust.

Experienced in Legal Collection

Sometimes when normal debt collection methods are not effective, it’s time to search for an alternative solution, that’s when we look at the business law of Malaysia.

At Orion, we have a strong and experienced team in Legal Collection that can help you to act against your debtor and protect your business from the legal perspective. This action only will be imposed when our collection efforts have not achieved the desired results.

We provide professional legal advice and direct access to our panel lawyers to achieve desired outcome. This creates significant additional pressure on your debtor, no matter where they are. This is a unique feature of our agency that has proven to be a value added feature in our debt collection process.

As much as we want to help you to collect debt from your debtors, we will always ensure that our strategies are in accordance to the fair debt collection practice act in Malaysia.

Encounter Bankrupt Customers

A debt collection process will be even more complicated when your debtor goes bankrupt. Not only you might not be able to collect your outstanding debt, there are possibility that you might be suffering from business losses.

As a debt collection firm with a network of lawyers and experienced professionals, ORION is well placed to make claims on your behalf against your bankrupt customers while at the same time, abiding to the debt collection legal process in Malaysia.

Our Insolvency service acts as a crucial step to minimize your business losses, place your claim quickly, support you through the claims processes in the most efficient and affordable way, and guide you through the complex debt recovery legal process.

Assist & Reduce Burden

When you have a dozen of customers to take care and each of them are enjoying a varieties of payment patterns, it’s a very tedious process to keep track of all payment record, credit info, outstanding balance, etc. Let ORION assist you to clear all your troubles away.

As a licensed debt collector in Malaysia, Orion also offers our very own professional prospect assessment service, which will provide you with the latest information and insights into your prospect credit info, payment patterns and unknown legal suit.

By doing so, we help you to categorize, tabulate, arrange, clean up and defragment all the info into a simple summary, allowing you to keep your customer and prospective customer databases up-to-date and relevant at your fingertips.

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